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Welcome to Telefunken® Support

Is your product broken or a part defective?
It is under warranty.

Bring your invoice or proof of purchase for your Telefunken product so that the warranty can be taken into account.

For a BtoB order, please check the barcode on the packaging or the user manual where the serial number is located.

Consult our warranty and service policy

Informations de contact

Merci pour votre envoi !

Nous prendrons contact avec vous dès que possible !

Attention our after-sales servicemanages Only audio and connected products.

For thetelevisions you should approach:

Vestel France, 17 Rue de la Couture, 94563 Rungis Cedex, France

Hotline: +33 (0) 8 09 10 20 20

For thetelephones and framedigital you should contact:

Befuzze Company

By email:

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